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Chemical & Engineering News: A path to the brain’s secrets

Though genetics has fundamentally changed the pace of drug development for many therapeutic areas, the brain has been slow to reveal its inner workings. A new generation of neuroscience-focused biotech companies is poised to change that paradigm.


FierceBiotech: Allergan keeps the dealmaking pedal firmly pressed with two new deals for Parkinson's, GI drugs

Allergan's drive to bulk up its R&D pipeline accelerated in 2016 and looks set to follow a similar course this year.


PharmaTimes: Allergan broadens pipeline with Parkinson’s disease deal

Dublin, Ireland-based Allergan has stepped into the field of Parkinson's disease with an option to acquire US-based neurodegenerative research group Lysosomal Therapeutics (LTI).


Boston Business Journal: Allergan wants to buy a Cambridge biotech founded by ex-Genzyme CEO

Allergan has purchased the right to acquire small Cambridge-based biotech Lysosomal Therapeutics for an undisclosed sum, the Irish drugmaker said on Monday.


Endpoints: Allergan bags two new deals, takes option to buy Lysosomal Therapeutics and pays $50M for microbiome pact

Allergan swooped into JP Morgan bearing news of a pair of deals, inking an exclusive option to buy out Lysosomal Therapeutics for its neurodegeneration pipeline and paying $50 million upfront to partner with Assembly Bio on the microbiome.


Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Allergan Broadening GI Pipeline, Expanding into Parkinson's

Allergan today disclosed deals that will expand its gastrointestinal (GI) pipeline with four potential treatments focused on the microbiome, as well as broaden its R&D portfolio through an option to buy a drug developer focused on treating Parkinson’s disease.


Forbes: Potential Breakthrough Option For Parkinson's: LTI Partners With Allergan

Today Allergan announced a transformative deal with Lysosomal Therapeutics (LTI), an emerging biotech focused on Parkinson’s disease through an understanding of human genetics and sphingolipid biology.


TheStreet: Allergan Continues Down 'Stepping Stone' Path With Two Deals

There appears to be no slowing down Allergan (AGN) CEO Brent Saunders and his "stepping stone" deal strategy.


BioCentury: Allergan in deals with Lysosomal Therapeutics, Assembly

Allergan plc (NYSE:AGN) announced two deals Monday, gaining an exclusive option to acquire neurodegenerative disease company Lysosomal Therapeutics Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) and a license for rights to four gastrointestinal microbiome programs from Assembly BioSciences Inc. (NASDAQ:ASMB).


Xconomy: Allergan, Eying More Neurodegenerative Drugs, Gets Right to Buy LTI

Allergan now has the right to acquire Lysosomal Therapeutics, a Cambridge, MA-based drug developer for Parkinson’s disease seeking to exploit the link between neurodegeneration and a family of rare genetic disorders.


Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Parkinsons' Disease: The Devil Is in the Protein

While the prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders, including Parkinson’s disease (PD), remains daunting, recent significant progress in defining the molecular causes of these diseases has provided novel drug targets.


Boston Business Journal: Lysosomal Therapeutics to use $20M to develop, test Parkinson's drug

The four-year-old biotech company co-founded by former Genzyme CEO Henri Termeer has secured $20 million in equity funding to progress drug development for Parkinson's disease.


Xconomy: As Promised, LTI Pulls In Big Series A to Advance Parkinson's Drug

Lysosomal Therapeutics of Cambridge, MA, has closed a $20 million Series A round to push forward a drug for Parkinson’s disease that exploits the link between neurodegeneration and a family of rare genetic disorders.


MedCity News: Lysosomal Therapeutics raises $20M Series A from Sanofi, Lilly and Roche for Parkinson's drug

Cambridge biotech Lysosomal Therapeutics just raised a whopping $20 million Series A for its small molecule Parkinson’s disease treatment, with backing from the venture arms of several big pharma – Sanofi, Lilly and Roche.


Venturewire: Lysosomal Therapeutics Receives $20M Series A for Parkinson's Disease Therapy

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FierceBiotech: Sanofi, Roche and Lilly help bankroll a $20M round for Parkinson's player LTI

Kees Been has banked the $20 million round needed to move a bold new development program for delaying or preventing Parkinson's toward the clinic.


BioCentury: Insiders back Lysosomal in $20M A round

Lysosomal Therapeutics (Cambridge, Mass.) raised $20 million in a series A round from existing investors including Atlas Venture; Hatteras Venture Partners; Lilly Ventures; Sanofi-Genzyme BioVentures; Roche...


Chemical & Engineering News: Chemistry-Based Biotech Start-Ups Secure Funding

Two chemistry-based biotech firms—both with high-profile founders—have each raised their first round of financing.


Xconomy: Attacking Parkinson's Via Gaucher Link, LTI Ready for Its Series A

When his company raised nearly $5 million in seed funding last year, Lysosomal Therapeutics founder, president, and CEO Kees Been said he had two goals: learn more about the underlying connection between the rare Gaucher disease and Parkinson’s disease, and sort through compounds licensed from the National Institutes of Health to find the best one to turn into a Parkinson’s drug.


Start-Up: Unpacking Lysosomal Storage: New Insights Drive Parkinson's Drug Development

Investors and dealmakers are using recent discoveries about convergences between Gaucher’s disease and Parkinson’s in the lysosome to generate new therapeutic programs.


BioCentury: Emerging Company Profile - Lysosomal: Activating GCase

Lysosomal Therapeutics is developing brain-penetrant small molecules for a genetically validated Parkinson's target that it believes will be disease-modifying for idiopathic PD and potentially other synucleinopathies.


WBZ News Radio: Cambridge Company Raises $5M in Quest to Discover Drug to Treat Parkinson's

A Cambridge medical research and development company has raised $5 million to finance its journey to try to discover the first drug that can treat Parkinson’s Disease.


FierceBiotech: Startup brings together some of Boston's top biotech brains and bucks

What happens when you put a scientific discovery in the lab together with some experienced biopharma executives and a group of high-profile investors focused on new ideas in Cambridge, MA?


BioWorld Today: LTI taps lysosomal experts, model for Parkinson's work

If you've discovered a new therapeutic approach for rare and neurodegenerative diseases stemming from lysosomal biology and need help starting a company, you go to the experts.


Xconomy: LTI Corrals $5M to Exploit Link Between Gaucher, Parkinson's

It’s been known for a while: Patients with the rare Gaucher disease are at much higher risk for Parkinson’s disease, as well.


MedCity News: Ex-Genzyme CEO's new company looks to rare diseases for insight into treating Parkinson's


Scientists suspect there’s a connection between many common neurodegenerative diseases and malfunctioning lysosomes, or processing centers in human cells that break down proteins and eliminate debris.


BioCentury Extra: Lysosomal raises $4.8 million in seed financing

Lysosomal Therapeutics Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) raised $4.8 million in a seed financing led by Atlas Venture. Hatteras Venture Partners; Lilly Ventures; Sanofi-Genzyme BioVentures; Roche Venture Fund; Partners Innovation Fund; Orion Equity Partners; and angel...