LTI is running clinical trials and has already completed the Phase 1a clinical studies of LTI-291, our drug candidate for GBA-associated Parkinsonism (GBA-PD). This study established an excellent safety and tolerability profile in normal human volunteers. We have begun the Phase 1b clinical trial to test safety and tolerability of LTI-291 in Parkinson’s patients with a heterozygous mutation in the GBA1 gene. The impact of LTI-291 on several biomarkers will also be investigated.

The study is being conducted at the Centre for Human Drug Research in Leiden, The Netherlands, in collaboration with several Dutch neurology clinics. If you reside in the Netherlands, would like more information about genetic testing for your GBA1 mutation status, and to participate in this clinical study, please contact: You can also email or call 071-524 64 64.

Further information and updates regarding our clinical trial design and qualifications may be found on the website of the Center for Human Drug Research here.

Please note that the websites cited above will initially appear in Dutch but has available translations through Google.



LTI is working with the Dutch national Parkinson’s organization, Parkinson Vereniging, to help inform patients about our research and upcoming clinical studies. Of particular interest are the Parkinson’s Cafés, created by and for PD patients, to help overcome the sense of isolation that often affects people with Parkinson’s disease. There are more than 50 Parkinson’s Café groups across the Netherlands, and each one arranges regular meetings featuring a varied program of speakers and performances.


If you’d like more information on Parkinson’s Cafés, you can visit the Parkinson Vereniging website.


Patient resources

Below are links to resources describing the latest scientific and clinical research, and providing advocacy and support for patients and families affected by Parkinson's disease

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